New Zealand

The start in New Zealand was much better than in Australia. Because I know the language now, did all the organizational things by myself and knew already what I had to do the next few days.

I enjoyed the days in the hostel again. Things went like I expected. Not long after my arrival I had a bank card and a tax number. Anna and I had good conversations, almost every day. I let her know what I'm doing and she talked about work and her accomodation.

I found a wonderful Helpx in Auckland after two weeks. I met also a french guy there. We did the volunteering work together. I never had so good conversations in English. I'm still in contact with these both people and will see them again from time to time.

I also bought a car while I stayed there. Anna got always pics and prices of cars which I looked at. The plan was to divide the amount when she comes over. The final car was a Honda Odyssey, self contained and with a BIG mattress.

I did a small roadtrip after to see what kind of things the car is missing. But it was well equipped and good to drive. I noticed while traveling around that I had some serious organisation problems. All the time I lost or forgot things. I couldn't remember where I put them. It's not only me, met several backpackers with the same problem. I had luck and got the important things always back (smartphone, car key, wallet, money...). I forced myself to put things always on the same place after using. It was simple and helped.

Waiheke Island

I found a Helpx on this island and went over. It was the first time I prepared dinner for a small family - without any cooking skills. But I succeed with Anna's suggestions and the help of YouTube. I discovered the island the last few days and hiked a lot. The most interesting place was Stoney Batter, a military base point with tunnels and gun places. The tunnels are not open this time, but one door was broken. Best adventure so far!

Working for money

I got lonely after a while and I didn't want to explore the north without Anna. I avoided paid work in Australia because of my bad English skills in the past. But I decided to give it a try and went to a working agency which gave me work just the next day! I began with traffic control: It was a mess, a big street with lots of junctions got a new layer. The commands over the radio were hard to understand and it happens several times that I release triffic when it wasn't meant to be.

I changed work and the places from time to time. Some short warehouse job was also included. But I finally ended up in a pie factory which I was till I quit two weeks before Anna should come over. I slept always in Orewa overnight on a free camp spot for self contained vans. The beach is very flat and great for running.


As I said, Anna and I were always in contact even when we were separated by thousand of kilometers :). But conversations got a little bit harder, we got upset by small things when we talked too long. Things like bad transmissions or when I made a grammatical mistake while speaking. We didn't know sometimes what to talk, my days were always the same so there was no story to tell. And we talked about topics which were we had always different meanings, like eating meat for example. Such unimportant crap topics...

We had a serious breakdown about one month before her arrival. I had a bad feeling about her feelings to me and made the suggestion that we should break up and meet again in New Zealand to see if we can go along again or not. Feelings are passing away if you are not seeing each other for too long. It was important to me that I will not be scammed or cheated. I didn't want to get in the same situation as her ex-boyfriend.

We had a good conversation after that and let things continue. But she took longer to answer and did it in a shorter way. I didn't mind, I was convinced it will change when we meet again, even when it takes time. No problem. I mean we waited almost three month and there was only a week left.

I have to add that I was mostly alone this time. There weren't many distractions from other women. So my core feelings for Anna were still the same.

One day she stopped writing back. I asked again and got the message that she cheated on me the day before and broke up. It smashed me completely away, the worst has happend. She was really cool during the conversation with me, like a walk in the park. She had no feelings for me anymore and was somehow disgusted by me. I don't know if she did it intentional to hurt me much more for letting me not know that it was over a longer time ago.

I know I'm strange and a relationship with me is hard. I'm just not good at it. I can understand why she broke up. And I know I'm not the fittest guy anymore :(. I can say I truly loved her, I recognized it after she broke up. Never thought such a thing can hurt so much.

I'm happy that I was together with her for almost a year. She enriched my life. I remember the time when I was alone in Australia. She gave my whole travel a sense, even when there were hard times. It's so sad it's over now.

This was my last entry. I won't continue my blog anymore. It was a nice project but I have other plans in my life and writing isn't one of them. Maybe some other time, but I don't think so.