I was happy when we reached Melbourne. More space for everybody. We checked in a hostel in the middle of the city. Anna and her sister had always a schedule to see special things around and in the city. I didn't accompany them, I enjoyed the hostel and was fine with walking around. People would say I'm not really into big cities, but I have my own way to enjoy such crowded places. I like to look up to big buildings and also interested in smart architecture. I could spend my whole day only with looking to these things. What I actually did.

On my own

Anna and her sister wanted to do the Great Ocean Road. I wasn't interested anymore to travel further. And I thought it would be better when these girls are traveling on their own. I went back more inside the country and did some bigger hikes again. I enjoyed being back in nature :).

Helpx till the end

Anna and I were together again when her sister left the country after 3 weeks. We decided to do some Helpx until my visa has expired. Anna had 3 month left when I went off.

Our first Helpx was in Bacchus Marsh, a small city west of Melbourne. The area was sweet, small houses with a short distance to the local city. We had our own room and enjoyed the togetherness.

I don't know why but I was sometimes jealous about her work, which seemed easier than mine. What a crap... Anyway, the time was mostly good and the host entrusted the house to us alone several times, even an hour after we arrived. Because of the beautiful memories about the llama place we moved to a host with more animals after two weeks.

Last weeks on the horses place

Anne was the owner of a bigger area with several horses in Ballan. She had also two kids, three cats, two dogs and a sheep. We had again our own room. Anna took care of the horses while I did some plastering on a shed outside. She was a skilled person and taught me a lot! I was happy to see Anna riding horses. Our last host with horses was like: "Don't touch them, otherwise they'll break". Not so with Anne: "You can ride? Cool, just use them!". I enjoyed to be more in the nature again, outside, in the sun and with extensive landscapes. I even began to get closer to horses. One horse was licking my arms and feeds when I was sitting on the fence :). I don't think these animals are really smart in comparison to dogs for example. But they are really friendly and shy, don't want to harm anybody.

I bought a notebook to get more into programming again. I was thinking about creating a software to make some money. I always enjoyed being on a computer. I would say that's a thing I'm really good at it. I started also learning again and I liked it!

I sold my car around this time. I think because of too many fines and the fact I never did the ownership transfer correctly I wasn't able to expand my the regio anymore. The car was worthless. With all the repairs I paid in summation about 2700 Dollar. I gave it away for 500. But I don't mind. I loved the car and it saved a lots of money anyway.

Anne was cool with our working hours. She said we should enjoy and didn't gave us much to do. I miss this time a lot. It was the last time were Anna and I were together. She wrote me a letter which made me sure that she was the right one. I was maybe too naive to think that nothing will happen in this time when I'm not with her. But she was so sure about us and herself that she convinced me as well to be strong.

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