Roadtrip to Melbourne

We started our way to Melbourne a few days after the arrival of Anna’s sister. We chose the way along the coast to always be near the sea. We didn’t get along that well all together. There were always some tension in the air. I have to admit I was the uneasiest person in this group. I would do it in another way today. Sorry :/.

Anyway, the attraction were good and worth a visit. I remember this area as backpacker-free with beautiful nature.

Cuttagee Beach

Not far after we left Sydney we found coincidentally a nice beach limited by big riffs on both sites. It was a lonely area just on the way down. Nobody was there when we arrived. Anna bought an Action Cam in Sydney and I thought it would be a great idea to use it when we are going in for a swim. We are used to waves and had never a problem to handle it.

I thought there was a sandbank which should be reachable. So Anna and me went in. There was unfortunately no sandbank. It was stirred sand because of the strong underground current. I noticed it too late and got already pulled in. It was also too late to warn Anna, she was just right behind me. Anna was scared and I got uneasy because I couldn’t figure out how to solve this problem. I looked around but only saw her sister on the beach, far away.

I told Anna to stay calm and I won’t left her no matter what happen. It’s a lot of pressure when somebody really needs your help. I kept an eye on Anna and tried to reach her. It’s a challenge when you see almost nothing because big waves are breaking over you all the time. When I reached her I pushed her every time forward when a wave was breaking. It helped. After some time I was able to reach the ground with my feets and could push myself with her much stronger out of the sea. The current was really strong, I underestimated it completely.

I just watched the video which the Action-Cam made. It’s almost underwater with lots of shaking. But you can hear Anna wheeze and struggling with the water all the time. It was a serious situation. I think we did almost nothing and had luck. The sea has areas with different current directions. We got pulled in and pushed out again. It was about 200m walking to the place back we went in.

Croajingolong National Park

I love sand dunes and saw one mentioned on Wikicamps on the right bottom of Australia. I almost skipped it because the detour to Melbourne was huge and the weather seemed to be bad. I was also in a bad mud somehow... But the girls convinced me to take a look so we drove down to the coast. The area is barely mentioned in Google, so there weren't many pictures online. I thought it can never be as nice as the dune in Rainbow Beach...

The place was actually beautiful, small isolated campgrounds invited to stay a little bit longer. So we camped there and paid for three persons only 12 Dollars. The ranger was nice and gave us a map of the area. The sand dunes blew me completely away. The walk up the hills was quite hard, but I loved to jump around like a little child. It's much bigger than the sand dune in Rainbow Beach. I wasn't able to get the hugeness on a picture. But you can get a feel if you see Anna and her sister walking in a desert surrounded by a forest.

Nethercote Falls

I was almost a year now in Australia and thought I have already seen all kind of waterfalls. It's always the same, you know? Again, I was wrong. Just enjoy the pictures, the waterfall is dividend in several smaller ones which are falling from rockpool to rockpool. The water itself was the clearest I ever saw in Australia. I drank it, tasted good. This place was so magic and quite that we decided to stay there for one night.

Driving mistake...

Because of my bad skills of driving we got stuck on a forest road. We were still on the parking area of this waterfall. We tried first to stabilize one wheel to get more grip, but it was useless. We needed help. Some school class went to the falls so we asked their supervisors to help us. No problem, but my own towing rope broke while we tried to pull it out. Second try, with a better rope: Gotcha!

Anna's sister surprised me in this situation. When I got stuck she came to me and said "No problem Ben, we are getting somehow out again". She was right, but we lost about 2 hours...

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