Sydney in March

We started without a big plan in Sydney. We just wanted to settle down somewhere so Anna could find a job. There is a free nudist camp spot with a rockpool in Sydney which is privately run by owner Ted. He wants to introduce people in this kind of lifestyle. Years ago, the whole area was known for this thing, but the movement is dying. But backpackers do all things for a free camp spot with a hot shower, so taking out the clothes wasn't a real problem for many people I met there.

You can only stay for a few days. But Ted liked us and I tried to help him a little bit with stuff around the place. He was a construction worker and wasn't really satisfied about my skills...


The best on this area was the exploring. Anna found a job almost immediately and moved to Sydney. We visited each other every week and I used the time to hike around. The campsite was surrounded by big sand stones, caves, abonded bush villages and a big military field. One day I went inside this military area to see how far I can get without problems. I turned around when I notices a sign which mentioned that unexploded bombs are around. The history about this place was thrilling me. Some tracks were almost vanished but you could still see a pattern in the bush. Anna went one day with me to visit a small waterfall.

I haven’t seen many of Sydney itself. Just some parts of it when I was there together with Anna. The time was not always easy. We bought a tent and a proper air mattress because of my sleeping problems with the limited space in the car. Hiking is also a challenge with me, I’m walking fast and can’t really slow down. But most of the time was relaxed and lovely with Anna.

Anna’s sister joined us at the end of the month for a few weeks. We stayed some days at Ted’s place and went together to Melbourne on a road trip.

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