I didn’t continue my blog for a long time. I thought this project is over, nobody is reading it and more important, it didn’t make fun to keep it up to date. But things changed. Unfortunately. Today is the 03. August 2018 and I’m really sad and depressive, a big outcome changed my life. I hope writing will help me to come over this situation. I can’t really understand what just happened. It will get better. It needs just time, I guess…

Byron Bay February,

The last part of the journey was Nimbin. We are still on our way down, with Byron Bay on our next list.

Byron Bay is a really nice area on the coast. Unfortunately it’s crowded and many locals don’t like the backpackers anymore. They were especially angry about the wild camping.

There were none really free camp spots available around the coast. The “Day Use"-Areas a little more inside were also controlled, which we had read in the comments section of the Wikicamps App. But one area seemed to be fine, “You can stay there over the night" mentioned one comment. We were really early there, thought we would be the only one. It was far away from the coast, with no facilities available. But when it got darker, all the backpackers gathered in this little place. Never found a “Day Use"-Area so crowded. We had a few evenings there and the opportunity to see the nice things around. This area got banned after we left and there were efforts from rangers to punish all backpackers in this area.

Byron Bay has also a beautiful nudist area. This place was magic: Less people and many trees which spend shadow and privacy. This places are also used for gay sex meetings. One guy warned me and said I should care... After looking around a little bit we tried some Helpx with horses again. It wasn’t the best decision, the woman was sometimes uneasy (maybe because she was German :D). We left after one week. But I remember they both spoke German and prepared really good food for us.

Ahh… there were one other situation I remember. One day I cleaned the roof with a blower and used a ladder to get up. I assembled the ladder wrong, it broke when I was standing on it and I flew to the ground (with the blower on my back). I was really lucky, only got some bruises and the blower was still working.

I was sometimes so tired of work that I fell asleep in Anna’s arms. That’s quite unusual for me, I normally can’t sleep if sb. touching me.

I don’t remember the names of the places after we left Byron. But one special place was Yamba. If you think Byron is nice, Yamba will blow you away! Some impressions on the way down:

Yamba was the place with the biggest waves I have seen in Australia. We were sitting on a big cliff and watched the waves smashing against it. Some were so big that the cliff got flooded and moved us against the corner. It was a serious situation, you can't do almost nothing when the water is catching you. We left the area with some bruises and a little bit scared. But this wouldn't be the last dangerous situation we got in...

Waterfall Way

Because of a recommendation we did the "Waterfall Way" on the way to Sydney. It's quite a long, hard drive (serpentines) but I think it's worth. Not many foreign backpackers are doing this, we met only Australian travelers. One local guy we met before mentioned some secret water pool. We were there together later and surprised about the clearance of the water. This place wasn't on Wikicamps and hopefully it will never be.

One big advantage about inland tours is the amount of free camp spots. We were at one completely alone, only our car, the nature around us and a small river passing by (which we used later for cooling down). I almost forgot about this situation, what is sad, because we had our best moments there.

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