October - December


Back to R's house

Unbelievable. But I stayed there again almost a month. I can't remember what I have worked all the day. It can't have been much. But I was always acting fair somehow. Yeah, I'm lazy sometimes and using my electrical skills to avoid unpleasant jobs (cleaning, gardening, sanding and painting). But I think R. knew how to handle it.

At some point an English backpacker joined our community. His name was C. and he was a really hard working and friendly guy. We tried to find some attractions in the area, but there was only this poor Sandgate Beach. It's good to learn kitesurfing, but bad for laying around or swimming. But the pier into the see made us very happy. I improved my jumping skills almost every second day.

Unfortunately, when he tried to remove the sink with his bare hand and too much passion he got deeply cut. The result was three days hospital with surgery included. He wasn't angry about this and continued work with his healthy hand the day after he got home from hospital. That impressed me really hard.

Sunshine Coast with A.
(End of October)

A. is the girl I left behind in Cairns. Although she was angry to me we were still in contact. We met again in Brisbane and decide to give a road trip another try. We started at Noosa because both of us skiped the Sunshine Coast. We swam in some rock pools, did some hiking and got really good waves at Coolum Beach. And as usual: Noosa Beach was crowded and difficult to find a parking spot there. You can get almost the same a few kilometres further without the stress. Coolum Beach was equipped with a near free camping spot and beach indoor showers. We did also some Helpx, but got kicked out after few days. I think we worked to less on their opinion... But the last meal we ate together (luck) was really good.

Great pure hard rock climbing on this one

Helpx at the Llamas place

After hanging around in Coolum Beach we found another Helpx in Dayboro. It's more inside the country. That was one of my best stays in Australia. The deal was 3h work each day (expect Sa + So) for accommodation and breakfast. That's really fair and my preferred working model. The usual is 4-5h each day. I think that's sometimes a little bit too much for accommodation and food (even on weekends).

Why was the stay so wonderful? We had our own room with all facilities in a bigger cottage where we lived alone. The time we spent working was really flexible. We didn't start until 1 pm sometimes. The female host was really friendly and the property hosted Llamas, goats and chicken. The work contained gardening, fencing, cottage maintaining and animal care. I felt the pain with the young male goats when we jammed the blood circulation to the testicle... (castration with a rubber band).

I don't know where A. and I would be without this stay. But we were a couple when we left this Helpx after almost one month.

A television team came and made some videos and interviews about the Llamas Walk. I'll link it here when it's published.

Back to R's house again

A. found work in Brisbane so I came back to Renates house. But not for a long time, installed only a fan and went further to the city. It was not the last time I saw her. We got invited two times to dinner and enjoyed the community with other backpackers. Thanks for all.

Helpx in Brisbane city

To get close to A's hostel and for a general change I searched for another Helpx. I found my next host in South Brisbane near the Lagoon (man made beach in Brisbane). The house hosted three people and was like a commune. I had a really nice bedroom for myself and free access to the fridge :). As usual work contained gardening and cleaning. The households decided that A. can stay with me so she went in after a week. One of the three persons was German and moved to AU many years ago. It was nice to talk in German about the country and more complicated stuff.

Great luck again: The households themselves got out on Christmas and New Year's Eve. That's why our work changed more into housesitting and maintaining. Days were lazy and we enjoyed the TV room and WiFi.

The way to Sydney
(Beginning of January)

Yeah, finally traveling again! After the great firework in Brisbane we decided to leave Brisbane forever. I stayed more then two month there. And I thought Cairns was too long... (1.5 month). Doesn't matter. For me traveling isn't the most important thing anymore. I'm enjoying a good community more then the amount of attractions.

I can't tell you many about the Gold Coast. We did only Surfers Paradise (nothing special) and went further. It was maybe a mistake to skip Stradbroke Island. But gone is gone. The planning wasn't really good at the beginning and it was more a point to point driving till Byron Bay.


Everyone is speaking about Nimbin and its cool attitude to drugs, especially Cannabis. It's all bullshit. The town is nice, old buildings with colourful facades and many Hippies around. But you can't buy any Cannabis legally. Even in some shops are signs that you please don't ask about it... You won't get Space Cookies at the bakery or from a mysterious old lady who is hanging around the park. Some Wikicamp comment mentioned that the cookies are not better then the ones you can buy in Coles (supermarket in AU). Some couple asked me if I'm able to sell Cannabis... I think the best time to be here is when the festival is running.

But nevertheless: It was a nice stay. There was a cheap campground for 10$ per person. We stayed two nights and enjoyed the best thing in Nimbin: The public pool. It is contained with many toys everybody can play with: Some surfboards, a unicorn, two sharks and a pelican. I enjoyed to be like a child the whole day. That was our Nimbin experience :). And to be honest: If you want want drugs use Facebook.

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