August - September


East coast trip down
(In the middle of August)

Back in Cairns again... I met friends, made friends and got really lazy there. But I had to move again, cause my plan was always to get the east coast down. So I searched for a new travelmate again. I got several choices and it was hard to choose the right one. I had to cancel one girl which I somehow promised the ride down. She was angry and I felt bad. But I think I got already punished in life for this behaviour...

We had only two weeks to reach Brisbane to catch a plane for her. That was okay for me cause I have already seen some parts on the route. We both were different types of humans. I don't think we would have been friends in normal life. But it worked for the trip and it was only a short time.

Whitsundays at Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is not a nice place. The beach is ugly, the city contents only touristic shops and you can't do anything useful there except of going to the Whitsundays (small islands in the sea).

We booked a speedboat tour for one day. We had bad luck and got windy weather. I chose the wrong seat at the back of the boat and were completely wet when we arrived on our first destination. My smartphone got wet too. It wasn't possible to turn it on again. Till today it's still broken and I bought already a new one. I have to use special software for trying to rescue the pictures and files on it.

I was still freezing and skipped the snorkeling. According my travelmate the diving wasn't that great... The main destination was the Whitehaven Beach. I liked this place: The white sand, the soft feeling when I was walking on it and the sound it made. Such a shame we only spent an hour on it... And I didn't understand many of the other people on our boat. They were laying only on the beach without exploring this great area. My travelmate , one other girl (thanks for the beer mate) and me were the only persons who went in the sea...

If you want to do this trip I recommend you to book a simple ferry to make your own schedule for the day on this island. But I'm a little bit different then other people. Many member of this boat tour were satisfied.

whitehaven beach

Surfing at Agnes Water

We booked some three hour course over the bookme website for only 15 Dollars. I thought it would be easier for me cause I'm used to riding a skateboard. But it wasn't. I failed so badly. I think the best way to learn it is to buy your own board and then do trying, trying and trying. I thought to get one for a while, but you have to maintain it and it's a pain in the ass to carry it wherever you want to go. And surfing means patience. For staying in the water for a longer time you should wear a wet suit. Another part you have to carry with you. No, thanks. I'm so happy with my 25 Dollar Kmart longboard.

Me and my skateboard

Rainbow Beach without Fraser Island

Because of the expensive replacement of my smartphone and the bad experience on the Whitsundays tour I skipped the Fraser Island trip. But I visited Rainbow Beach so my travelmate had the possibility to do it.

It was a good idea. I had a day for myself and discovered the area. The beach is magic. Never saw such a nice one since Mission Beach. You can also do some hiking in the Great Sandy National park. I did one and got to a lake in the middle of the forest.

Great Sandy National park

I liked this area so much that I decided to come back after I drove my travelmate to Brisbane. I wanted some days for myself at a quite place. In this time Brisbane was too crowded and too loud for me. Driving with a car through this city means pure stress. So I went back to take a second look to Sunshine Coast and Rainbow Beach.

The journey back and my damaged car
(End of August)

My first destination on my way back was Coolum Beach. It was a good decision, the area is not crowded and offers useful shops. I got a hair cut and enjoyed to explore the bookshops there. Since the last time in Cairns I started to read books in English. But books, especially second hand books are much more expensive then in Germany. The offer is also smaller, also in Ebay.

Since after the Uluru trip, my car sometimes began to make strange noises around the left front wheel and stinked like some electrical burning. But is was only for a small time so I ignored it. YES, it was a mistake I know! How silly can a human being be!?

I ended up with a completely blocked left front wheel at a Coles store. I tried to drive to the next mechanic, but it wasn't possible. I parked the car on the road and looked for towing services and mechanics. What a luck: There was one mobile mechanic in the town and he had the time to fix it! Four hours later and 750 Dollar fewer I had new front brackets and some other stuff fixed which belongs to this things.

Car brackets problem

You can see a black line on the street because of my left blocked front wheel...

Calming down in Rainbow Beach

I decided to move immediately after the repair and headed up to Rainbow Beach. I knew a very quite place for sleeping there (inside the Sand National Park) and arrived in the evening. Not many things happened in the area but for me it was a really good time to calm down. I slept long, spent lot's of time in breakfast and went everyday to the beautiful beach. I made also big walks throw the National Park and found the Carlo Sand Blow after a few days. A big amount of soft sand you can climb up. What a great pleasure to get up and slide down again and again. I visited this place every day. My favourite place in Australia so far!

Carlow Sand Blow

Carlow Sand Blow

Carlow Sand Blow

Carlow Sand Blow

Volunteering in Brisbane
(Beginning of September)

I got bored without interacting with other people. So I decided to make some volunteering work again. I found one interesting host in Brisbane. The offer contained garden work, childcare and renovation stuff. Perfect! I like variety.

Many backpackers were already helping when I arrived there: Two french couples and the German girl A. (thank you for the evenings and nice discussion on the veranda). It was a great community and we had lots of fun. We backpacker had our own floor with kitchen and bath facilities. We had to take care of ourselves of cleaning this things. Oh damn... some persons weren't able to use the toilet facilities in the right way... Even some men didn't know to sit down (or aim) at the toilet or wash the hands afterwards...

We had also problems with the kitchen at the beginning. Some food wasn't cased so some mice lived there happily. I started to setup traps and killed eventually three mice in one week. I felt very bad about this sweet little animals. They reminded me of my hamster in Germany.

As an electrician I did many wiring in and around the house. The shed and garage outside weren't wired properly. I could work by my own. I got really good food (three times a day) and a room for me alone. Wow, what a pleasure!

The female host was a really good person. She knew all about renovation. One time I tried to remove some leftovers of a sink glued on the wall. I struggled hard with the hammer and chisel. It took me quite a while and I removed only small pieces of it. So she tried it by herself and did it with some smart but hard hits in less then five minutes. In comparison to her I felt like a small child who is learning to eat... She really destroyed this damn sink! There is a bigger story behind it with blood and hospital stay. I'll tell it on the next page.

Blog continuation

I'm lazy. We have now end of January 2018 and I haven't written further. But I decided to keep it going. But I changed the picture presentation. I'm going to link the pictures about my travels directly to my Dropbox folder. That's easier to do on a mobile phone.

Volunteering in Brisbane
(till end of September)

I don't know where the time has gone. But I spent a lot of in Brisbane. And in R's Helpx house :). This time was so easy and I enjoyed the variety of people so much. It was good for my English too. I recognised it by people who spoke the same level I had when I arrived in Cairns. Long time ago...

A brief journey to the Springbrook National Park

Two French couples and I went for some days to the park. It's under Brisbane and not so far away. Some of us came back to R's Helpx house after the journey.

The park is known for the great waterfalls and the glowworm cave. The lookouts are great and the trails long (around 10 km). We did a small trail after the arrival and went to a camp spot to stay overnight.

One couple left our group the next day after visiting the Glowworm Cave. I spend also another day with the other couple. The situation was a little bit uneasy. Because we ran out of food and the girl was complaining about my walking velocity. Since today many Travelmates were really angry with me because of my speed. I'm usually not really interested in the surroundings. I like walking and to come forward. It's really nice to feel the tension in your body when you walk on advanced tracks. This was a 10 kilometre walk. So I left them behind and speeded away.

I met only one girl who was able to follow me. It was my Alice Springs Travelmate K. I miss you at those tracks...

The waterfalls were amazing. Unfortunately there wasn't many water on this days but it must be incredible when it's more rainy.

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