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July 17: Inside the country

After leaving the Airbnb house I was staying around Cairns again. I had no plans so far and found coincidentally a Facebook post about a German girl who was searching for a travelmate to see the inland stuff. She posted a picture of herself surrounded by a group of cows. She looks very sympathetic to me.

We met days after and decided to make the trip together. She was the best travelmate who I could have found! I would say we prepared the trip before, but we didn't. We only bought some food and got a very simple, free street map from the YHA hostel :). We started in Cairns and drove over Kuranda. I was shocked about how much we drove and how little we have come. I really underestimated the distances. And one further problem was the permanent disconnection to mobile service. We didn't know sometimes where we were, where the next fuel station will be, where we can find a good camping spot or where we could fill up our water tanks. But all these things were the reasons for the unforgettable adventure we had!

However, we failed in card reading and chose the wrong street at a crossing. Google Maps recommended a other road before because that one wasn't sealed completely. But we hadn't a problem to reach the next roadhouse with a camp site. We only paid 20 AUD for two persons. After a nice dinner we went to sleep. A old man accompanied our ride to the unsealed street part the next day. It was a really funny entertaining drive! And we got to another attraction on the way: The Goorge lookout.

Road train


At this time there is not many to talk about. We drove 6-8 hours each day. I was happy that my car was endowed with a cruise control and that my travelmate drove the car too. She did it like a real man ;).

We recognised now the decreasing temperature every night. During daytime it was hot but was getting really cold in the night (down to 4 degrees). We handled this situation with many clothes and blankets. I liked it anyway, because it wasn't so unpleasant in the car and I enjoyed to feel that kind of nature.

The landscape is beautiful. You can look in any direction and you'll see only desert, desert and desert. It's really quite there, only sometimes another car will pass your way greeting you with waving hands ;). The sites of the streets are always pictured with overcrowded animals and abandoned cars. We only met a few backpackers on the way, most of the travellers were locals with big campervans. The evening entertained us with his clear starry sky and the lack of mosquitoes. That was the first time my body wasn't itchy.

street and car

damaged car

great view

We passed the big citys Mt. Isa, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. Nothing special to talk about this areas. The Devils Marbles were the only thing I remember: A big area filled with big red round stones. I think it's really important and useful to have a good company by your site. Driving hours and camping can be really boring when you're traveling alone, especially in this area.

Alice Springs

We saw some spots at the West MacDonnell National Park and passed successfully the next unsealed road after we left Alice Springs. These one was harder to drive then the first. More sand and worser surface. We had so much fun :). It must be great if you can drive the real dirt roads with a 4WD (four-wheel drive).

The next destination we reached was the Great Canyon. Many people recommend you have always to start early in the morning to reach these attractions to the sunrise etc... Bullshit! We didn't give a fuck and were always the last who left the camping spots. So we arrived later midday and were the only two persons who climbed the canyon this time. No other people except ourselves. It was great, hard to describe. After a huge climbing on stairs we got to the top. Many deep abyss graced the rim walk. The canyon enclose the Garden of Eden, a area of plants, small water holes and animals. We got a nice sunset view when we came to the end of the walk.

red sand

kings canyon

Our last adventure was Uluru and the Olgas. We spent two days to see both of them. I didn't think Uluru could excite me so much after Kings Canyon. But it did, after I found out that it was allowed to climb on the top. The climb was more exhausting than the canyon one. And I did it with my bare feets. A mistake I recognised on the top: My feets got bloody bubbles... The view and the surface on top were incredible. There is only this big high stone in the middle and the whole desert around.

We had also a nice walk through the Olgas, some mountains and stones in the near of Uluru. It was somehow the end of our journey. We reached all our goals so far.


The way back was only a long drive. We camped at one special road house with an aboriginal shop. That was the first time we bought our dinner. We had also one nice stay on a free camping spot near Townsville right on the beach. Unfortunately we had bad luck after, K. lost her pocket but got it back later. I decided then to drive further to another camping spot. Bad decision: It began to rain, the camp spot was bad, we couldn't swim there and I drove into a caravan while I tried to change the car position (which I didn't need). My mood was really bad and it didn't get better the next day. This happened one month ago, but I still feel sad while I writing this lines. The trip was perfect and went so wrong...

My mood got better the next days back in Cairns. I repaired the car and made an agreement with an insurance company. I hope I'll handle such a situation better next time. Thank you K. for being such a nice and entertaining travelmate! Have fun in Vietnam and maybe we'll meet sometime again :).


Car repairing:



August 17: Daintree Rainforest

After the trip to the middle of the country I got back to Cairns. Somehow I love Cairns. I made many friends there (especially Asian people are really nice) and it's always easy living. There is no problem to sleep in the car, the showers on the lagoon are warm and with doors. It makes fun to ride the whole flat esplanade with a longboard. In the evening there is always some street art or musician for entertaining. But I wanted to move again. So I found two women on Facebook (one German, one French) to start the trip with.

The trip was not that bad but the French lady was annoying. She complained about the hot weather, dirty toilets, was scared to get wet, got angry when she hadn't something to eat and were often tiered. In summation all we have done there is one big hike in the rainforest. But this hike was incredible.

The destination of the hike was the Mount Sorrow Lookout. You have to be in good conditions because it's steep and sometimes dangerous. I needed about two hours to reach it (and also back). There is a way behind the lookout which leads to the top of the mountain. It's unofficial and not maintained. I would have done it when I would have been alone on this trip. After the hike we decided to go back to Cairns cause the mud in the group was bad because of the French... But I'm not regretting that I have done it. The area itself is somehow abandon. Probably I was bad prepaired but you can't do many in this area. If you don't have the money skip it. We spent one night in this area and paid 50 Dollar each person.

Unfortunately my smart phone died on another trip so all pictures are lost. I saved only one which I uploaded on Facebook. The Mount Sorrow Lookout:

Mount Sorrow Lookout

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