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thats me

Some informations

Life career:

1998 - 2004: Middle school
2004 - 2008: Trainee as an electrician
2008 - 2008: Electrician
2008 - 2009: Higher education school
2009 - 2013: Successfully completed studies as process engineer (main focused in dynamic processes)
2013 - 2015: Technical supporter
2016 - 2016: Leader of a garage
2017 - 2018: Traveling in Australia
2018 - 2018: Traveling in New Zealand
2019 - 2019: Traveling in Asia
2019 - 2020: Back in Germany
2020 - Now : Working as a technical clerk

Spare time:

Mental activities: Math, computer and general science
Hobbys: Running, skating, biking and gymnastics

My history with computers:

I made many stuff on my computer since I had one. I started with computer games and surfing the World Wide Web. My first own creation was a little web page about cheating in Pokemon. At middle school I hosted a discussion board for my classmates and wrote some really simple stuff in PHP. While I visited the higher education school I started to use mathematical programs to create plots of three dimensional functions. In this time I began with C programming and tried some other languages too. I solved all problems during my studies with combination of C, Octave, Maxima and GNUPlot. The general philosophy of the Linux operating system made me happy, there were always things to explore.

I'm interested in low level programming. I like to know how things work. Software bloat and the movement to unnecessary complicated solutions nowadays makes me sad. It's incredible how many scripts are running in the background of common websites. Such a waste of bits and bytes.

If I could choose a time, I would like to live around the year 1980, when all the computer stuff were better understandable. I read many books around this time, it's just fascinating! I think we could be better programmers if we would know more about the history of computers. Fortunately, there are many sources outside now which I can dig in from time to time. I even started to program in 6502 Assembly which was satisfying.